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I teach English at a well-known junior high school and its sister senior high school in Kyoto. I have been to many places throughout the world: all over western Europe, much of Asia, Australia, South America, and North America. I particularly loved Egypt for its Giza Pyramids, Luxor, Abu Simbel, and snorkelling at Dahab. Trekking around the Annapurnas was also very memorable. In my free time, I like to eat out at good restaurants. I like food from all over the world. I also like to read and watch this or that on Netflix. I have a dog, and so I enjoy walking with him at a nearby leafy temple. I speak some Japanese - enough to get by in everyday life. I can read a lot of everday Chinese characters and many Japanese surnames. I also speak a tiny bit of Brazilian Portuguese. My wish is to see you reach your English language goals, whatever they be. Try me out and see if we can be a good match.

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Hari Ulang Tahun1963-02-25
Jenis KelaminLaki-laki
SekolajOpen University
HobiReading books, Internet surfing, Netflix, swimming, walking around the neighborhood park with my dog
Film kesukaanBladerunner