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Charles O

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Hi! My name is Charles and welcome to BIBO! I worked as a Bank Manager for 8 years though I have been in the banking industry for a total of 20 years. I assumed different functions and responsibilities that included customer service, sales, marketing, banking, finance, accounting, loan operations and human resource management. I dealt with customers engaged in different kinds and types of industries. I am confident that the extensive knowledge and experiences I gained while working in the bank, helped me well so I can assist you as we study English, for you to succeed in business and climb the corporate ladder fast. It was also a requirement that I learn and apply proper and correct business English hence I also had the chance to undergo training on its application. So, I am hoping to meet you soon and together we explore the world of business through the English language!

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Hari Ulang Tahun1974-08-22
Jenis KelaminLaki-laki
SekolajDivine Word University of Tacloban
HobiListening to music, mixing songs/tracks
Film kesukaanSweet November