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I studied Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering in MLQU. I founded and was the Grand Chancellor of the local chapter of Beta Alpha Xi. I like to help people enrich themselves. That is why I got into sales, to help people. When I was promoted as a manager I helped my agents earn more money. And today, I would like to help kids and professionals learn the English language in the hope that it would advance their career and thus earn more. I believe that teaching people skills at a very young age is best for learning acquisition. And I believe that institutions that screen their teachers and mentors well is a big factor in child’s upbringing. Children should be encouraged to fully develop a skill that is being acquired. Skills should be developed to the fullest. Learning English should be a lifetime goal. I started learning English when my father taught us English at home. We were only allowed to watch English movies back them. But I did not submit to it fully. When I was in high school, teachers noticed that I spoke more fluently than the others. And I gained recognition. And so I thanked my father. When I started working, I gained attention by this skill of mine. And the natural tendency for me was to shift from engineering job to sales. And it is where I got my taste of true recognition. I want to pass this joy of speaking English to others who have a deep understanding of their mission in life and the role that English would play into it. I like to help people enrich themselves through mastery of the English language.

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