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I am studying at the University of Central Asia and majoring in Economics. One of my biggest accomplishments in my debate career was a participation in the Worlds Universities Debate Championships 2019 (WUDC 2019), which was held in Cape Town, South Africa. My hobbies include creating hand-made objects, playing football, watching series, and reading books. In addition to several months of experience teaching English, I have worked as a lab assistant at the Science Faculty; administrative assistant at Summer Counselling university, and as an event organizer and editor at UCA’s Cultural Heritage and Humanities Unit. I became an English tutor because I am passionate about teaching and communicating with students. I strongly believe that tutoring is a great way to help boost the student’s confidence. Whether that student is beginning elementary school or is an adult learner, there’s nothing more satisfying than watching the look of understanding pass across their face in a ginormous smile. Except for English, I speak Kyrgyz and Russian (both are my native languages) and I feel comfortable teaching them as well!

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