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I like to spend time socializing with my friends but also need time for myself and my own thoughts and emotions. Most of the things I do include my friends, like watching movies or anime with them, playing our favorite games together, chatting about different topics on the late night summer breeze or jus listening to music. I am also their free english teacher. Whenever they have problems with English, I am the first person that come to their mind. I was also praised by every English teacher I've had. I'm open-minded, empathic, and a calm person so learning with me should be easy and without pressure.

star 4.78
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Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Jenis KelaminLaki-laki
SekolajPolitehnicka skola Banja Luka
HobiWatching anime and movies,playing video games,listening to music,spending time with my friends
Film kesukaanHarry Potter